Love Sweet Summer Comes to an End 

So I started this post last week, going into detail about where we travelled & when & why, but sitting down to finish it up, I thought it better to go a different direction. Todd & I finished our Love Sweet Summer Tour in Borger, Texas Saturday August 6th. & what a way to end a great tour. We stayed with Todd’s friends the Birges, who quickly also became mine, & were responsible for our booking at the Borger Country Club. A great evening complete with delicious dinner, drinks, music, laughter, & some of the best fun we’ve had at a gig was topped off with the warm hospitality & company of the Birges. Now we sit on the ranch where my Dad lives in New Mexico, ready to take of for Denver tomorrow. Reflecting on the past few weeks, there have been so many memories made as well as friends & roadside stops to switch drivers. There were gigs that paid well & some not so well. Those that we didn’t want to end & some we couldn’t wait to leave. But in each one, we learned & loved it for what it taught us. This Cradle is ready to go home & settle in for a while, spend time with Emma, snuggle our cats, & see friends we have missed over the past month. There is something about going home after a long trip that makes you even more grateful for what you left behind. But the thing for which I am most grateful is to have spent this precious time with the person I love most, the one who shares my soul & is my home away from home, Grave. We know we are lucky- there are bands & couples who haven’t had the freedom we’ve had this summer, & it is certainly not out of our own doing. Jackie Martin, who took care of our business, Emma & my Mom who took care of Webber & Boots, & everyone we met along the way who bought a CD, offered a kind word, shared their homes- even though it is a small gesture in comparison to what you have given us- thank you. We are planning more adventures soon, so please keep updated through our Facebook & on Twitter & Instagram @hubbywifeduo.

Leg 3 Wrap Up 

Cradle: Grave is at home working on music, triathlon training, & a possible new vehicle purchase, & I am in Morgantown, WV trying not to get lost in the hills & confusing streets as I wait for the Miss West Virginia Pageant to begin this evening. Aside from #Wifing & being a musician, I’m a pageant-queen-turned-director, so I’m coaching & cheering on four girls hoping to become Miss America.
I waited to blog about our Purple Fiddle experience this past weekend because we were supposed to have another gig in Fairfield, Ohio last night that I wanted to include, however, that was cancelled due to impending thunderstorms. So forgive me if my memory isn’t the freshest & most detailed…
We were especially looking forward to this weekend because our family was meeting us in Thomas to do some hiking & general family fun. Todd’s mom (Val), daughter (Emma), my mom (Kathy) & her cousin (Pam), & our dear friends Kevin & Cindy all converged on the tiny town at varying intervals from Friday to Saturday. The mister & I rolled in just in time to grab lunch at our favorite spot in the neighboring town of Davis- Hellbender Burritos- before going back to the Fiddle to set up, sound check, & play our first two-hour set of the weekend. We then took Emma on a hike with Kevin & Cindy before having dinner together as a large group, & spent the evening listening to the Fiddle’s evening band, Town Pants from a distance while enjoying a glass or two of wine & other choice beverages. The next morning we all had a lovely breakfast together at Bright Morning Inn followed by another hike through Blackwater Falls State Park & our second two-hour set. Thanks again to John & The Purple Fiddle for their unmatched hospitality & coolness. It couldn’t have been a lovelier weekend, spending time with the people we love, doing what we love. & that’s really the goal of our whole #LoveSweetSummer tour: doing what we love. We are very fortunate & equally grateful to have the opportunity to travel & play this summer (& hopefully beyond), & we hope you find yourself able to do the same. Sometimes it takes faith & stepping out of your comfort zone to reach your goals, to explore your potential, but if you don’t, you’ll always ask “what if?” Take that step toward your dreams. As Todd always says, “Every day is a gift.”

Leg 2 Wrap Up 

Cradle: Todd & I are home for a few days to relax & practice up for playing two afternoons at The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV this Saturday & Sunday. We absolutely adore the Fiddle & can’t wait to come back to the stage after playing there last fall. But more on that after the weekend…If you’re a good-news-first kind of person, continue reading, but if you’re a hit-me-with-the-bad-news, skip a few paragraphs then come back.
The Good: Tuesday night after putting new tires on the Acura, napping in the car & hanging out in a Wal-Mart parking lot to kill time, we arrived in Canton to set up at Buzzbin. It was at the end of a fairly busy street with bustling restaurants like the waffle, coffee, & beer shop, an upscale bistro & lots of outdoor seating for happy locals. We walked up to the bar & were greeted by Amanda- bartender, sound girl, & altogether cheery, genuine person who told us where to set up & how the night was going to work. We got our gear on the stage, set up our merch table, & settled in at the bar for our band-privileged $1 cans of Genesee Beers. The locals were friendly, the other bartender Jessica was great, & the other two acts with whom we shared the billing were fantastic. (Check out Cass Cwik & Darian Bobish) Even for it being a slow Tuesday night, there was a decent crowd; some guy in a Hummer even stopped outside on the street to listen to Todd & me.
Before we headed home, the girls fixed us up a six-pack of Genesee with our payout for the night. On our way back down I-77, I could no longer keep my eyes open to drive, so 35 miles from home, we pulled into a rest area for a “nap” that lasted from about 1:30-5:30am. Mr. Stubbe took over the wheel & we continued our sleep once we returned to the comfort of our loft & the company of our sweet cats.
The Bad, which really wasn’t so bad, but certainly not ideal: We left home around 5:30pm Wednesday to get to Somewhere Else bar on W Main Street in Newark. We arrived at the venue, checked to see if we could go ahead & set up, but it wasn’t yet open. So we went downtown a bit further to the Draft House for a little dinner & a drink. We were so pleasantly surprised by the throw-back atmosphere: I loved the fact that they were playing Dean Martin, Todd liked the $1.50 drafts. We then caught up with Cody & Ash of the Rescue Rangers (awesome duo we were sharing the three hour set with) to see if we were able to get into Somewhere Else yet. Todd even contacted the owner & the booking guy to see when we’d be able to get in, but the only response we got was that the owner parked his car in a lot across the street. & so we waited. The four of us went into the bar next to Somewhere Else, & there we got the story. Apparently, it wasn’t unusual for bands to be left in the lurch with either a late opening or a complete no-show by the owner. So we all sat down & had a beer together & hoped with little hope really that we were going to still get to play that night.
Somewhere Else was a bust, & it’s a shame because we were looking forward to sharing the night with the Rescue Rangers & of course rounding out our Ohio leg with another good set. But Todd & I certainly made our own fun on the way home by spending the last 30 or so miles singing & rapping absolutely everything instead of speaking normally. It was nice to be home at a decent hour to watch Princess Bride & start off another day of our awesome marriage & this #LoveSweetSummer.

Leg 2, Day 2 

Cradle: As I sit on the patio of a Starbucks with intermittent internet & a melting green tea frappuccino, I’m reliving our first night of our three-day Ohio leg. Todd & I left our loft in Marietta in a bit of a rush yesterday afternoon, & even once we finally got on the road after a surprisingly well-oiled packing session, he realized he didn’t have his wallet. So one illegal u-turn & we set our course back home to start the search party. No luck on the wallet, but Todd did retrieve his also-forgotten “hair goo.” Which, if you, too, are a rock star reading this, you know the importance of good hair product. So with no wallet, & a small amount of stress, we restarted our journey.
Every first tour I’m sure has its hangups or “adventures” as I like to call them, so naturally, we are expecting a few exciting events to keep us humble & ever-prepared for the unknown. We were already overcome with the frustration of our EP not being put into production as timely as promised, which led to Todd manufacturing homemade discs with his mac & a CD stomper while I drove & listened to the soundtrack from Big Fish.
We arrived at our campsite for the night, a cute little place in Mogadore, & pitched our tent without a hitch. We introduced ourselves to the only other couple who was tenting it for the evening & then got ready to hit the town for our gig at Stone Tavern.
We were to play after a comedy show that went from 9-11 so since we were early, we went to dinner up the street at a Mediterranean place called Troy. Turns out the comedy show was actually a taping of Chris Clem’s Cavs Cast; the host & a slew of local comics offered their commentary on the game & did stand-up sets on commercial breaks. All-in-all a fun, friendly atmosphere.
Dave, booking & sound, was a man of few words when we introduced ourselves & during soundcheck, but the locals who stayed to watch the show were attentive & gave off a great vibe. We even sold one of Todd’s special, handcrafted CD’s before retiring to our tent at 2am. & because I forgot to pack our comforter, my wonderful husband jumped in the car sometime after 4am to purchase a cozy blanket to keep us warm through the rest of the morning. Packed up, ready to face the day & our next gig we headed to breakfast, which actually turned into lunch by the time we found a place to go. So here’s to day 1 & the start day 2 with our gig at Buzzbin Art & Music Shop with Cass Cwik & Darian Bobis… #LoveSweetSummer